2 Things You Can Do Right Now To Improve Your Scrapbook Journaling.

One of the most common struggles scrappers have is JOURNALING.

Journaling is incredibly important - because it tells the stories behind your photos.

Imagine watching a TV show with no sound. You’d only half understand what’s happening.ideas or brainstorming concept

It’s the same with scrapbooking. Your photos aren’t enough on their own, they need journaling to bring them to life.

But sometimes the words don’t always come easy, so today I want to share with you a simple exercise that can help make journaling a lot easier.

If you struggle to find the words to say or don’t know what to journal about here’s a simple exercises that can help get the ball rolling.

1. Get the help of your partner or a close friend.

Sit down with the photo and your partner or friend and tell them about what the photo means to you.

As them to make notes as you talk, because you’ll surprise yourself with the information that comes to the surface.

If you repeat themes then this particular memory has significance for you.

Ask your partner to put a star next to any themes that you revisit because these are the ones that you’ll find it easy to journal about.

Also - your partner might have some questions about the photo. Their questions might help you uncover more about why this means so much to you! So let them ask away.

Have them ask you some of these questions:

a) What do you love about this photo?

b) What is happening in this photo?

c) What do you think happened right before this photo was taken?

d) What do you think happened right AFTER this photo was taken?

e) What would you say the subject of the photo is thinking / feeling?

Remember - have your partner write down any points you make!

Then when you sit down to start your journaling you’ll have a big list of thought starters :-)

2. Use descriptive words in your journaling.

I know it may seem like a simple tip but it's EXTREMELY powerful.

In school we called them adjectives, are they are basically other, more descriptive ways to say the same things.

Instead of saying “beautiful”, you could say “breath-taking”.

“Cold” becomes “freezing”

“Warm” becomes “sweltering”

When you pepper your journaling with a few descriptive words, you’ll notice a massive difference.

Here’s a piece of journaling I just wrote about my son and I,

“When you were 2 we used to walk to the coffee shop for a nice, warm coffee. And you would share my carrot cake”.

Using descriptive words it could then become….

“When you were 2 we used to shuffle up to the coffee shop for a comforting, steaming hot coffee. And you would feast on my carrot cake while sitting on my knee”.

Just by adding a few descriptive words to my journaling it’s allowed me to paint a clearer picture if that memory!

Try using descriptive words in your journaling and let me know how you get on :-)


Scrapbooking Coach

“Helping You Make More Of Your Memories”