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I'm Anna Lyons from New Scrapbooking Ideas.com!

As a scrapbooking coach, I know how frustrating it can be stuck for ideas. For scrappers the reality is that inspiration comes and goes like the wind. Some days it's blowing a gale, other days it's dead still :-)

...But the worst part is, when you are struggling for new ideas, then you aren't motivated to scrapbook. And when you don't scrap your families precious memories, then who will?

This is why I've put together 151 Scrapbooking Tips To Save You Time, Money And Boost Your Creativity. I want to inspire you with some new ideas that will fire up your creativity and get you motivated to scrap!

Over 15,000 other scrapper from around the world have downloaded this ebook and used the tips inside to inspire them. And now it's your turn....

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I hope "151 Scrapbooking Tips To Save You Time, Money And Boost Your Creativity" inspires you too!